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Package Description



Unijob allows people easily create unlimited count of jobs easily. Just by editting the config! Now you no longer need to code long scripts and waste multiple hoursby rewriting scripts. The era of modern job coding begins!


  • Complete Job Mobile Actions menu (F6 Menu)
    • Every feature can be turned off/on for each job in the config
    • Billing -> You can set label + amount of each bill
    • Citizen Actions
      • Cuffing + Uncuffing with animations
      • Dragging
      • Puting in/out of vehicle
      • Searching
      • Revive (can be disabled)
    • Vehicle Actions
      • Lockpick (with item)
      • Repairing vehicle
      • Impounding vehicle
      • Attaching vehicle to flatbed
      • Cleaning vehicle
    • + You can add your custom element to the menu
  • Vaults
    • Each job can have multiple vaults, you can store items, weapons and each vault will have unique items
    • You can restrict access to different things by job grade
    • We use custom system for armories, not the esx_addoninventory
  • Job shops
    • You can configure items + weapons for each point
    • You can pay using your society money / cash or bank
  • Cloakroom
    • You can define job clothes (unlimited -> each can be for every grade or a special defined grade)
    • You can see saved outfits from classic cloakrooms saved in datastore_data table
  • Vehicles
    • You can set multiple spawn points for each vehicle point (again unlimited points)
    • For each spawn point you can set spaan point range, heading
    • You can set unlimited vehicle deleters
    • You can configure shared (= for all grades by job) + special vehicle for each grade
    • You can set props for each defined vehicle (plate, color ...)
    • You can do this for boats, aircrafts and cars/trucks
  • Crafting
    • You can make multiple points for crafting with different items
    • You can set ammount of items that will be needed for each crafting point
  • Seling
    • You can set zones for selling with items + their price and the delay between sell of another item
  • Collecting
    • You can set multiple points
    • Everyone can collect the point, when you collect the point, it will disappear for everyone
    • You can set timeout in which they will respawn again
    • All is synced with all players, so no more staying in circle and being AFK !
  • Point of bossaction
    • You can restrict for each job which boss actions he will have access to
  • Blips
    • You can set blips on map, there are no limits
    • You can configure all properties of the blip
    • You can restric the blip for job (vignerons can have blips that other players will not see, etc. ...)
  • Brigades
    • You can set access to some point of jobs
    • You will not need the job to work (you can set everyone can work or sell items for vignerons and if you will sell vigne in vigneron point, the money will go to the vigneron's society
    • You can do this with all other points and jobs
  • Other things:
    • When you are not close in marker, the script ussage is 0.01ms with more than 25 jobs
    • You can configure Discord webhooks for F6, Vault, Shops and more actions
    • All the events are secure againts hackers, so they can not abuse this script to get free money/items
    • You can configure all properties of the markers, like color, size, going up & down, rotating
    • Markers change the color depending on your distance off the marker

Video showcase


  • es_extended
  • esx_billing (for sending bills)
  • esx_society (for the boss menu)
  • esx_menu (default & dialog)

Most of the script parts are locked with Escrow.