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Robbery allows people easily create unlimited count of robberies JUST BY EDITTING THE CONFIG file. You can configure ATM, House, Vault (2 types) cash register robberies + BODYGUARDS to protect your stores.


  • Main:
    • All is synced across all players (all players will see things robbed, can take money from broken ATM)
    • Optimized client side (script takes 0.01 - 0.02ms standby) & server side (your server won't "hitch" when there are many players and you try to rob something)
    • ✅ OneSync (Infinity + Legacy) - This script is tested on OneSync Infinity + Legacy and works for those 2 OneSyncs
    • Cheater protected - It won't be possible to give themselves items / money calling server side events
    • All robbery types have built-in police dispatch
  • ATM Robberies:
    • Hacking minigame (when you fail this, you can open the ATM using force (50% chance of unsuccess))
    • When the ATM is opened, all players can take money (more players -> less time needed to take all the money -> Less chance of being arrested)
    • You can stop taking money anytime you want
  • Bodyguards:
    • You can add as many bodyguards as you want to
    • The will not shoot unless you shoot first
    • You can configure their HP + Armour
    • Bodyguards are synced with others
  • Jewelry:
    • When you shoot, all players will see the vangelico as a beeing robbed (when they come near)
    • They will be able to start taking jewels from the cases
    • The cases will change model to broken
    • All broken models are synced with all the players
  • House robberies:
    • You can add unlimited places to rob
    • Each house has it's own places to rob (can be found items + money)
    • To get into the house, you need to lockpick it
    • Once lockpicked, all players see it as lockpicked and can enter + all players inside can rob)
  • Vault robberies:
    • 2 types:
      • Code: You have to hack the lock
      • Lock: You have to manualy lockpick the lock
    • When the safe is opened, all players can take the money
    • When you fail, you can manualy open it using the bomb
    • In the vaults, money + items can be found
    • 2 types of amount of money:
      • Predefined: Each safe will have money and when it is robbed, after some time it will be resetted
      • Dynamic: Each time period, some money are added to the safe (depends on the config) and when there is certain (minimal) amount of money, it is possible to rob it again and the later you come, the more money you can take
  • Cash register robberies:
    • You can rob also the cash registers
    • Again, it is all synced with all the players
    • You need to have a large weapon to destroy the cash register
    • You can keep taking money, unless there is 0 in the cash register or until you stop (Cops have come? 😆)